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Welcome to Duo Invest!


Functional facades

Our company provides estimates, design and various architectural solutions for the implementation of stable and easier to maintain facades.

We can give a new modern look to your old facade or we can start from the beginning and to calculate and design the exterior cladding of the building under construction.

For selecting the appropriate material - glass, ceramic, facade cladding, aluminum composite panels, PVC panels HPL panels - please contact us!

Buildings are like people's characters - with their own individual characteristics and different from each other. Together we can find suitable solution for the image of the object. We work with a large variety of facade and facing products, This allows us to choose an appropriate functionality and aesthetic structure.

Our specialists will be pleased to consult you and answer your questions. Call us or write to us here!

Our experience and qualifications in the field of exterior architecture, shall ensure quality and professionalism in the execution of projects. You can browse the gallery to see finished buildings.

Whether it comes to ceramic or glass facades or HPL panels, We create individual projects and calculations comply to the characteristics of the chosen facade and wishes of client.


hpl paneli


Innovative architectural solutions

High-quality materials and years of experience inspires the creation of functional conceptions for residential buildings, shopping centers or offices. We use modern structural or semi-structural facade cladding that are resistant to the environment and easy to maintain.

Variety of ventilated systems allows us to choose the right material for the construction of unique and individual conception. In this way we optimized the process of selecting and execution facade panels of the facade construction.

For additional and more detailed information about the curtain walls we offer, visit our Products section.


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The services we offer?
Design and calculations. Delivery and installation. Modernization and more...
The materials we work with
Aluminum composite panels, HPL-panels, Ceramic walls, glass facades and more...
The buildings which we have already "dressed"
Browse gallery of our realized projects! We know what we are doing! more...
How to contact us?
Phone, GSM or e-mail - here you'll find out how ...