HPL Panels


hpl facadeFacing with HPL is an innovative product with a variety of decors and formats. Architects can use their imagination and talent.

HPL panels have a high density made ??of cellulosic fibers. The panels are covered with PVDF resin, which provides a reliable and durable surface. It makes them resistant to ultraviolet rays, which retains color.

Facades constructed of HPL panels are easy to maintain because these facing do not retain water or dust on them. HPL panels are manufactured in accordance with the requirements and environmental standards. They comply with all national and international standards.

High flexibility of HPL panels guarantee the durability of the facade against environmental influences.


Enjoy the variety of colors of HPL panels. Choose your own color! If you need any information, please contact us. We will help you!


Colors HPL panels:

Бордо Махагон Венге Италиански Орех
013 Бордо
014 Махагон
015 Венге
016 Италиански Орех
Тик Корен Орех Acajou
018 Тик
019 Корен
020 Орех
021 Acajou
Черна череша Череша Тъмна череша Круша
022 Черна череша
023 Череша
024 Тъмна череша
105 Круша
Клен Хус Зелена череша Източен бук
106 Клен
107 Хус
108 Зелена череша
246 Източен бук
Офис орех Оксфордска череша Budak Oak Mill
247 Офис орех
248 Оксфордска череша
249 Budak
251 Oak Mill
253 Абанос